Hawker Sea Fury
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The Hawker Sea Fury is one of the most emotive aircraft I can think of. Thousands of words, scores of books, have been dedicated to 'the ultimate piston engined fighter' and 'the end of the prop-driven era'.

I just know I can't stop looking at them. I am totally captivated. This trip to the AWM is the closest I am ever likely to get to one, but I am fortunate enough to have seen and heard one fly.

For me the Sea Fury is as synonymous with the Korean War as the Huey is for Vietnam. You can keep your Bell 47s and Sabres, the gun camera footage of Sea Furys on ground attack missions raises the hair on the back of my neck and cements these aircraft firmly to that conflict for me.

Being an AWM exhibit, it is quite likely this is a Korean veteran. RAN Sea Furys flew from HMAS Sydney during the Korean war, in often horrendous weather conditions. The storms were so severe that several aircraft were broken from their moorings and swept overboard!

Sea Fury VX 730 pic 1Sea Fury VX 730 pic 2Sea Fury VX 730 pic 3
Sea Fury VX 730 pic 4Sea Fury VX 730 pic 5Sea Fury VX 730 pic 6
Sea Fury VX 730 pic 7Sea Fury VX 730 pic 8Sea Fury VX 730 pic 9
Sea Fury VX 730 pic 10Sea Fury VX 730 pic 11Sea Fury VX 730 pic 12
Seafury VX 730 pic 13Seafury VX 730 pic 14
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