Stinson Reliant VH-UXL
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This Stinson, cn 9766, is another one of the regulars at Avalon, seen here in 2007.

The Reliant is a symbol of the Golden Age of Aviation. The stylish lines, the big radial engine, the high-wing layout - it all shouts '1930s!'

She was bought new in 1936, here in Australia, by the then Vacuum Oil Company, which went on to become Mobiloil.

During WWII she was impressed into RAAF service and flew as A38-1 on communication duties with several units.

She went through several owners post war including a stint at Drage's Airworld at Wangarratta, before being seen here at Avalon in 2007. Pics 14–40 are from Avaolon 2009.

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