Tiger Moth Walkaround Photos

I popped in to Tyabb and took this Tiger Moth walkaround in March 2008. The guys there at The Old Aeroplane Company were really friendly and let me take heaps of photos. Visitors are quite welcome so it is well worth a visit. They have flying examples of a P-51 Mustang, T-38 Trojan, this Tiger Moth VH-BVB, and several Harvards. There is also the only P-40K Merlin-engined Kittyhawk under restoration as well as a Vampire fighter.

Overall view of VH-BVBOverall view of VH-BVBPort fuselage showing oil tank and flared cowling.
Port fuselage.Port from the rear.That wonderful Moth tail.
Empennage showing hinges and wires.Tail from stbd showing control horns and wires.Straight down on the tailplane.
The Tiger Moth badge on the rudder top.Whole tail from stbd.Leather patches where control cables come through fabric covering.
Fuel tank from the rear.Underside of fuel tank.3/4 rear of fuel tank.
3/4 rear showing walkway.Stbd fuselage showing cable layout.Stbd fuselage and interplane strut.
Stbd nose showing layout and steps.Pitot tube, covered, outboard.Underside of upper, outer, stbd wing.
Underside of upper, outer, stbd wing.Interplane wire brace / stay.Bracing wire attachment points.
Inboard side of pitot tube and mount.Close-up of inboard side of pitot tube.Detail of walkway and bracing wires.
Inboard stbd wing wires and walkway.Underside front of fuel tank showing plumbing.Underside stbd of fuel tank.
Undercarriage looking down centre line.Underside of nose.Looking along the top of the engine cowling toward the rear.
Venturi on the front stbd strut.Strut layout around the cockpit.Access steps front stbd.
Access steps front stbd.Engine cowl from stbd.Carb intake and filter from rear.
Straight down the guts.Moth nose.Nose from port side.
Cockpit access hatches.Moth mainwheel.Undercarriage.
Oil tank on port side behind engine cowl.Venturi on port side of fuselage.Port nose
Overall port nose.Overall port front.

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