Piper Tri-Pacer VH-MTS
Walkaround Gallery

This Piper Tri-Pacer VH-MTS walkaround gallery comes to you courtesy of Deborah Fanning, owner of "Mike" the trike, and Andy at Rolfe Aviation for letting me into the hangar where it lives.

VH-MTS, cn: 22-5593 is a 1957 build Piper Tri-Pacer that was first registered in Australia in March 1958. It is a regular visitor to various fly-ins and airshows around Australia and it is in quite outstanding condition.

Overall view of the rear port side.Overall view of the rear port side.Under the port wing.
Port side of the cabin.Port side of the nose.Spinner.
Clearer shot of the spinner.Spinner and prop.Propeller detail.
From the front.Nosewheel detail from the front.Detail of the front cowling.
Windscreen.Port engine cowl.Engine cowl detail.
Cowl catch detail.Nosewheel detail.Nosewheel detail.
Exhaust detail under cowl.Underside of cowl.Side of fuselage under windscreen.
Side of windscreen.Looking down on the port undercarriage and struts.Port undercarriage from the front.
Underside of cabin.Port strut attachment.Forward wing/strut attachment.
Aft wing/strut attachment.Port window detail.Port window detail.
Port window detail.Rear cabin door on port side.Underside of port wing.
Top of port tailplane.Top of port tailplane.Tailplane attachment detail.
Aerial detail.Port side of fin and rudder.Navlight detail.
Elevator hinge detail.Underside of port tailplane.Navlight under rear fuselage.
Aerial under rear fuselage.Looking straight down on port wheel spat.Port wheel strut.
Port wheel spat from outboard.Underside of tailplane, port side.Rudder trim tab detail.
Starboard side of fin and rudder.Starboard fuselage side showing luggage hatch.Port window detail.
Front cockpit access door.Starboard windscreen detail.Starboard windscreen detail.
Manufacturers plate.Fuselage fuel tank filler.Fuselage fuel tank filler.
Starboard main gear strut. Note the two steps.Starboard wing/strut attachments.Front view showing dihedral and strut position.
Starboard side.Looking over the fuselage from behind the starboard wing.Top of the starboard wing showing fuel tank.
Underside of starboard wing.Starboard strut attachments.Starboard wing tip.
Looking back along the fuselage top from in front of the starboard wing.Aerials on roof.Port fuel tank from the front.
Port wing tank from behind.

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