T-28 Trojan Walkaround Photos

I popped in to Tyabb and took this T-28 Trojan walkaround in March 2008. I believe VH-NAW was the first Trojan to be imported into Australia, and it is an ex-US Navy bird. Fairly soon after Judy's trailblazing efforts, a further 14 were imported in one batch, al ex-Thai air force birds.

The guys there at The Old Aeroplane Company were really friendly and let me take heaps of photos. Visitors are quite welcome so it is well worth a visit. They have flying examples of a P-51 Mustang, T-28 Trojan, Tiger Moth VH-BVB, and several Harvards. There is also the only P-40K Merlin-engined Kittyhawk under restoration to flying condition as well as a Vampire fighter.

Overall front 3/4 view.Overall stbd nose showing propellor profile.Overall stbd nose.
Profile at wing root leading edge.Straight on at stbd wing tip. Vampire wing is on left.Straight on inboard of stbd tip.
Straight on shot of the stbd main gear.Looking down the barrel of a big radial. Note P-40K in background.Square on shot of the prop paddle.
Scoop on fairing top and inner engine cowling.Lower cowling and engine.Top stbd view of engine.
Top port view of engine.Top half of stbd cowling front.Cooling gill open.
Looking inside the stbd cooling gill.Stbd exhaust shield and pipes.Inlet under stbd cowl and nose gear doors.
Stbd exhaust shield detail.Stbd fuselage aft of cowling.Stbd fuselage under canopy.
Stbd wing root detail.Inside of stbd main gear door looking inboard.Stbd main gear looking inboard.
Stbd main gear doors looking inboard.Underside of stbd flap.Carburettor intake on lower port engine cowl, looking rearward.
Port cowling showing cooling gill, carb intake and exhaust. Note that this exhaust shield has not been fully cleaned.Port wing root. Note the access step.Lower port cooling gill.
Upper port cowl detail.Underside of port wingPort fuselage and cockpit.
Rear cockpit external detail.Port wing root.Port rear fuselage.
Port rear fuselage showing battery access hatch.Port rear fuselage.Port side of tail.
Underneath the port tailplane.Rudder detailBottom of rudder.
Stbd side of tail and rudder.Stbd fin and rudder detail.Stbd rear fuselage
Stbd flap showing access steps.Detail of access steps on stbd flap.Stbd fuselage.
Underside of rear fuselage, just aft of speed brake.Underside of rear fuselage showing beacon.Underside showing speed brake and inside main gear bays, looking forward.
Underside showing speed brake and inside main gear bays, looking forward.Main gear doors, looking forward. Note the two Harvards.Stbd main gear looking outboard. Note Vampire in background.
SRudder hinge detail.Port main gear, looking outboard.Port main gear, looking outboard.
Port main gear bay, looking outboard.Port main gear bay.Port main gear bay.
Nose gear bay rear.Nosewheel viewed from port.Nosewheel gear viewed from port.
Nosewheel gear viewed from front.

Rear view showing that huge dihedral. Note tail of P-40K on left.

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