Piper Warrior VH-TAU
Walkaround Photos

Piper Warrior VH-TAU Walkaround Gallery.

Another one of the Moorabbin Flying Services training fleet, VH-TAU is one of their four Warrior IIIs.

Prints of all the Moorabbin Flying Services fleet are available at the Grubby Fingers shop.

Port side nose.Spinner.Port side of nose.
Engine cowl detail.Exhaust detail.Underside of nose.
Underside of nose.Engine cowl close-up.Port side nose.
Windscreen.Spinner and cowl detail.Prop detail.
Cabin window.Window vent.Cabin roof.
Vent in wing leading edge.Splitter on leading edge.Port wing tip.
Port wingtip.Port overall.Port wing underside.
Pitot under port wing.Port main gear from outboard.Tiedown ring.
Underside of port wing.Port wing trailing edge.Port aileron.
Port flap.Port cabin windows.Port cabin windows.
Port rear fuselage.Port rear fuselage.Underside of rear fuselage.
Rego sticker.Antenna under rear fuselage.Bump stop under tail.
Fin root detail.Fuselage vent.Tailplane detail.
Tailplane detail.Tailplane detail.Overall port view.
Tail.Wingtip navlight detail.

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