CAC CA25 Winjeel Trainer
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The CA25 Winjeel was designed and built by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC). It was the RAAF's primary trainer from 1955 until the mid 1970s. It replaced the Tiger Moth and CAC Wirraway and was in turn replaced by the AESL CT4. There were a grand total of 62 of the production version of this trainer delivered plus a couple of prototypes.

One of the most distinctive features of the CA25 was the ease of access to the motor and ancillary systems for service. This is well demonstrated in these shots. Apparently the handling was so benign the tail design had to be changed so the trainer could be induced to spin!

Several lingered on after this time as FAC (Forward Air Control) aircraft in a camouflage paint scheme, but the usual paint was this white and trainer orange arrangement.

Many, such as this example at Avalon in 2007, have become active on the warbird scene. The RAAF Museum at Point Cook has an airworthy example that they regularly take up on flying demonstrations.

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