Bell407 Walkaround Photos

This Bell407 walkaround is another from a busy couple of days at Avalon this year (2007)! The latest in the long line of Jetranger derivatives, this slick beast has a 7-passenger cabin and uses the dynamic system (that's the spinny bits up the top) from the Kiowa Warrior. The Warrior is an armed target designation and electronic warfare version of the Jetranger family. It's kind of the Big Brother. So I guess they are good spinny bits!

Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 1Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 2Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 3
Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 4Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 5Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 6
Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 7Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 8Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 9
Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 10Bell407 VH-DKG Pic 11

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