Decals for Scale Models

Large Scale Helicopter Decals

Bell 205 VH-NSQ NSCA 1:35 Decals
These decals are for the Panda / Dragon 1:35 scale Bell UH-1D/H kit.
Bell 205 VH-UHN NSCA 1:35 Decals
These decals are also for the Panda / Dragon 1:35 scale Bell UH-1D/H kit.
Bell 212 VH-NSA NSCA 1:35
These decals are for the Panda 1:35 scale Bell UH-1N twin Huey kit (If you can find it!). I have built this variant and I’ll have a build article in the modelling section of the site soon.
Bell 212 VH-NSY NSCA 1:35 Decals
These decals are for the Panda 1:35 scale Bell UH-1N kit too.
MBB BO105 VH-NSL NSCA 1:32 Decals
These are for the Revell MBB BO 105 kits. The NSCA bird is a CBS4 version, which has a lengthened fuselage. To be totally accurate you’ll need to add a 7.8mm extension to the kit. I’m doing one of these myself at the moment so I’ll get a build article up once I am done.

Decals for unusual Australian subjects

Being a Graphic Artist does come in quite handy sometimes, like when I want some unique markings for a model. I have created my own decal artwork several times now with some great results and subjects that are not available in the mainstream.

As you will see, I focus on 1:35 Australian helicopter subjects as this is my main area of interest and what I build myself. I can run any of these sets off in 1:48 or 1:72, you just have to tell me what you want.

Out of the Box?

Most of the aircraft covered by these sheets are not exactly the same as what comes out of the model’s box, so there may be some modifications to the kit required in order to be completely accurate. But then, we are modellers, aren’t we!

I will point these modifications out to the best of my knowledge on the info sheets. You will be furnished with as much reference as I can give you. You will get some idea of the extent of the modifications needed as I get my build articles up on the site.

Alps Printing

I get my decals run off by a local company, Brunel Hobbies, who run an Alps printing machine. The beauty of the Alps printer is that it can print white and special colours, not just the usual cmyk process colours of normal printing. It will also lay down enough ink to get an opaque white, with no show through. The resolution and register of the Alps printer is quite sufficient to get very fine detail and keylines. The finished decals are very fine with a thin carrier film. They go down very easily and are designed to respond well to setting solutions. Perhaps the only real drawback is that a solid carrier film is used so each marking must be trimmed out quite closely.

Extra Sets

When I do my own markings, I always get extra sets done in case someone else wants to do the same model. You can buy these sets from me via these pages. Each sheet comes with application instructions and reference drawings and/or photos to show where each marking goes. Take a look through the images below to see of something takes your fancy. Click on an image to get more info about the subject and see what’s on the sheet.


I sell these sheets for $10 AUD each, plus postage. If you see one you want, drop me an email via my contact page and we’ll work out what we can do. If my subjects prove popular, I will look at getting these decals screen printed.